By: Lesley

Jan 24 2012

Category: barns, Grey-Bruce


Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I was tempted to play around with different effects on this barn (now that Picnik premium effects are free…) but in the end, I liked the bluish tinge to the barn wood that matched the sky. This barn was found just down the road from the nameless building in my previous post, here.

Participating in Barn Charm

12 comments on “blue-ish”

  1. It’s a great barn and I love the fence!

  2. Another good example of the varied and utilitarian architecture of barns.

  3. It’s a great barn and I like that bluish tinge too!

  4. Wow looks like these is our neighbors barn. It does look the same. ^_^


  5. I like the blue tint, too, it’s very faint, but it’s cool!

    I didn’t know they made picnik premium free, now…

    You’re awesome for joining Barn Charm, thank you! =)

  6. Very nice! Sometimes a photo is best just left alone, and I think you made a good choice.

  7. Hi there – I think the colours are great just as they are.

    Was the rock pool problem caused by me writing “rockpool” – or was it something else?


  8. i’m curious how people see blue? i see gray (grey). i see a blue sky? i’ve noticed a lot of people say that something & i’m wondering why my eye does not see that? (:

    • yes, it is a faint tinge. it really looks blue after you compare it to some of the other treatments I tried, like antique or cinemascope!

  9. great barn, love the foundation and the fencing too 🙂

  10. I like the pale gray/blue tones in the photo.

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