door to library #8

By: Lesley

Jan 22 2012

Category: Cambridge


Focal Length:7.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A different view of this library can be found here. This is where the original front door was located before the glass wall was erected to enlarge the space while retaining the historical details of the 1923 Carnegie building in Hespeler. You can still see the LIBRARY over the door which I believe is now a reading nook.

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8 comments on “door to library #8”

  1. That is beautiful. These small rectangle are they reflection? It’s really awesome very tricky. ^_^

  2. The beauty of the original lines are not lost, the newer glass wall merely enhances the building. The original lettering over (where to door was) looks as it did in 1923, a nice link between the eras…

  3. What a spectacular piece of imaginative architecture! Love how the reflections enhance the whole effect!

    Note: Just letting you know that your link at WWDD does not work! I arrived here via your link from last week there!

  4. That is really cool! How wonderful of them to preserve the memory of the original building, even though they moved forward and renovated. Really unique!
    (Oh – and I fixed your link!)

  5. Neat, Lesley! «Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Monday Doorways

  6. What an interesting window design. I like to think of those horizontal rectangles on the glass as the spines of books laid on tables. 🙂

    The other photo that you linked to is wonderful! I agree with Kim’s comment that it looked like the old City Hall building was inside the library!

    (Psst – by the way, I finally replied to your comment on my blog with the link to the Smeg fridges, and shared another couple links of my own!) 😉

  7. What an interesting way to expand while preserving the building’s look and feel. Very nice!

  8. Ooooh I like this Lesley! Look at all those lovely reflections too. I agree with Around the Island. Lovely that the original character of the building has been maintained. Great shot!

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