I love chocolate

By: Lesley

Jan 04 2012

Category: Fergus


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For the chocolate lover, this little shop on St Andrew Street in Fergus may be just for you. Lots of Belgian chocolate choices, plus there is also a large selection of ‘no sugar added’ chocolates with 12 individual chocolate flavours to choose from. There are also chocolate cakes and chocolate drinks and ice cream. They love chocolate.

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20 comments on “I love chocolate”

  1. Dear store: Please send me one of everything please — Bill can have the no-sugar-added ones.

  2. And who DOESN’T love chocolate? And wait! Are they having a sidewalk sale? I am SO there!

  3. This is definitely my kind of shop!

  4. I’ll try not to drool on this post! LOL! Does the driving school reward students with a stop at the chocolate shop?

  5. Worth the drive to Fergus!

  6. Wonderful – and inviting. Great find. I love it too. But as a child, I left all the chocolate presents and my brother eat them.

  7. Save some for me…!

  8. Dark chocolates for me!

    P.S. My main blog has been qualified as a nature blog, so I will be posting memes not about nature in my new blog – actually old, I took this over from my daughter, she has three other blogs.

  9. I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! I so love chocolate! Especially drool over specialty chocolate in beautiful little boutique shops like this one!

  10. I like the “no sugar added” option, that would be my choice! Very nice shop front.

  11. Hmmmm, looks like it would be a very popular place!
    I’m not crazy about chocolate, but I do enjoy a nice dark chocolate occasionally.

  12. Great name for the store! :))

  13. my post and your post have a similar theme 🙂

    great shot of a really wonderful shop

  14. OK…This is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! I LOVE this sign. It is a good thing the shop is not here in Lexington. This has to be the perfect name for the shop. The owners hit the nail on the head with it. genie

  15. hmmmn, my kind of place.:p
    anything with almonds for me, please.

  16. And did you know that dark chocolate is good for the brain? This is a mean post… I can’t reach in to get some of that Belgian… YUM!

  17. I love the no sugar added chocolate. If only I could smell the rich aroma in that place ^_^ Happy Thursday! ^_^


  18. The perfect place to take my granddaughter…who will only be 3 yrs. old next month….she was addicted after the first bite.

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