pointy bits

By: Lesley

Dec 23 2011

Category: Ottawa


Focal Length:4.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A pointed fence on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, with a view over to the National Art Gallery and Notre Dame Basilica. Taken in the spring time when everything was lush and green.

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10 comments on “pointy bits”

  1. I love this fence! And the arrangement is very nice – lots of eye candy here!

  2. Ah, yes. I believe I remember the colour green. Neat fence, Lesley.

  3. Great shot…love the angle in which this was taken!

  4. nice fence & shot… I wish I could see inside the Basilica! =)

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! =)

  5. Nice shot, Leslie!
    «Louis» always enjoys seeing sundials, no matter what season in which the photo was taken.

  6. great fence shot! Lovely to see some lush green.

  7. Oh my, you could poke your eye out!

  8. What a beautiful iron fence, and the sun dial is lovely, too. The view of the other building is so nice. Such a nice landscape. Well composed. genie

  9. Sitting on one of those spikes could do some serious damage…uh, better not go there… 🙂

    Fencing Off the Snow

  10. An apt title for this post! What is the style of this fence, do you know? Yesterday I went though a small town and caught something similar–several church steeples all in one frame.

    Happy holidays and all the best in 2012, Lesley.

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