simply classy

By: Lesley

Dec 19 2011

Category: Ottawa


A simple but classy door from one of the east block buildings on Parliament Hill.

Participating in Monday Doorways and Toby’s Windows and Doors

8 comments on “simply classy”

  1. Looks like they had to replace a few blocks when they added that door.

  2. You gave a perfect description of that lovely door.

  3. I love that door-knocker!

  4. Hey there – thanks for joining along with your door – it’s a gorgeous one! And thanks for the link, I just noticed 🙂

  5. A nice door. Granted there is no window, but the iron hinges and door knocker handle are stylish from a century ago. The detail grooves add an interesting detail too, the woodworking exquisite. Simplicity can be beautiful, too!

  6. Indeed! Simple and classy!
    «Louis» thanks you (belatedly!) for your contribution to Monday Doorways.

  7. Gorgeous! Lovely to visit a Canadian blog too. I have family in Ontario. Greetings from NZ!

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