colour match

By: Lesley

Dec 16 2011

Category: Mississauga


Focal Length:19.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I had to play around with post processing on this photo of a fence in Mississauga that very nicely (but inconveniently) matches the blue spruce on the left!

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14 comments on “colour match”

  1. Well done! Rather elegant lines and colors – I like it.

  2. What an amazing beautiful fence.

  3. What a fanciful fence and it complements the dramatic color of the blue spruce so well. Some day I want to be able to do this kind of photo editing.

  4. oh, very creative and really effective; nice editing.

  5. Very pretty..

  6. Gorgeous fence…so ornate…amazing how it matches the blue spruce! Nice edit

  7. oh very nice, very pretty! =)

  8. The detail and embellishment of that fence is so fun and I love how it matches the pine.

  9. This is a wonderful catch – I love how it matches the tree too!

  10. What a great match….the color really is a pretty one. You did one super job with this capture. I would love to have the tree and the fence right here in my yard. genie

  11. Now that is a beautiful fence!

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