hole in a fence

By: Lesley

Dec 09 2011

Category: Gananoque


Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This grille covered hole in a fence, found in a back lane in Gananoque, is still a mystery.

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18 comments on “hole in a fence”

  1. Maybe for the dog to look out at the world!

  2. Perhaps it allows a resident dog to visit with a passing dog. Neat find.

  3. If you ever find out, I want to know…I have never seen such a beautiful hole cover! It either looks like there is a cover/grill on each side or that there is a mirror!

    • there is one on each side! I guess it could be for a dog (or cat?) – a pampered pooch for sure, since this looks custom made!

  4. Hmmmm very interesting….I am thinking it was put there for a dog to look out! Great shot!

  5. I too think it’s for a dog. I made a gate once with appropriate windows for a small dog. Lovely shot!

  6. around here they do that so the dogs can see out…

  7. Very interesting thing to do, it must be for a dog.
    Great shot.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful hole in a fence.

  9. This is really interesting and a bit confusing. What in the world is it for? Maybe the idea of the dog looking out is the solution. Whatever it is for, your capture is great. The grating iron work is lovely. genie

  10. The kind of thing that makes you want to hang around until somebody comes out, so that you can ask! It’s a pretty grill and a good picture.

  11. I’m not going to try to guess at its function, but the ornate hole in the fence sure is an interesting find.

  12. What a great shot….

  13. I’m with everyone else…must be for the dog!

  14. I too think this is a very considerate and beautiful peephole for the dog. Dogs like to “supervise” their neighborhood and a solid fence is such a challenge for them. Sharp eye to spot such a great shot.

  15. What a fun find! I love everyone’s doggy peephole theory. Or maybe it’s a passthrough for the Wee Folk. Whatever it is, it has a very “secret garden” aura about it and makes me wish I had a wood fence with a hole in it so I could have one, too! 🙂

  16. Good job braving the ground to get a great angle. It’s really an attractive feature even if it has an unusual placement.

  17. Interesting detail. 🙂

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