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By: Lesley

Dec 07 2011

Category: Toronto


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Currently 132 high rise condos are being built in the City of Toronto. That is 1/3 more than what is being built in Mexico City or New York City (which are at 88 and 86 respectively).

Wordless Wednesday

5 comments on “1 of 132”

  1. Wow, never seen a circular building quite like that. Thanks for sharing and for the trivia. Hope you can stop by and share.

  2. They built one beside me on one side 3 years ago and have been building one on the other side for the last 2 years. I think I have construction fatigue. The cranes are everywhere it seems.

  3. We have a copy of that building here in Tulsa. Except ours was built in the 60’s. 132 high rise condo buildings currently under construction. What a land rush!

  4. More housing that the average person can’t afford. Yay!!!

  5. Apparently the economy in your country (or your part of it) is doing well! I can never really imagine what it would feel like to live in a condo.

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