old barn, new house

By: Lesley

Dec 06 2011

Category: barns, Oro-Medonte


Focal Length:52mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

I found this barn conversion on 10th Line between Jarratt and Creighton. It looks to have been extensively renovated while still retaining the spirit of an old barn.

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22 comments on “old barn, new house”

  1. Wouldn’t you love to get a gander at the inside of it? I’m picturing wonderful hardwood floors and rustic beams…

  2. Nice, green shot – I wonder what it would be like to live in a house like that.

  3. That’s something I’d love… to renovate a barn & live in it! =)
    Awesome! =)

    Thanks for joining!!!

  4. oh wow! looks like someone’s living there, maybe! how cool!

  5. I love seeing all the barn conversions on HGTV! This one looks great.

  6. I bet they have plenty of room! I would so love to live in a barn!

  7. I would love to see the inside…

  8. Love the shot framed with the fence and tree!
    Looks like a cozy place to hang out.

  9. Beautiful shot! I’ll bet there are some fantastic living spaces inside.

  10. They did a good job of keeping the essence of the barn intact! I would love to see the inside.

  11. what a beauty. (:

  12. I’ve never seen so many windows in a barn before. Nice catch.

  13. I also would love to see what has been done inside! Love the outside…lots of charm!

  14. what a super house! look at those windows!

  15. Interesting mix of old and new. It looks nice nestled among the trees, but the windows really stand out.

  16. Most of the old barns here in Cheshire in the UK were made of brick..many have been converted into luxury houses..I hope to share some of them over the next few weeks.. I have just had a lovely browse around your blog.

  17. Great shot of a wonderful barn!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy week****

  18. I always find barn conversions to be so interesting… in fact prior to buying this 150 year old cheesefactory for a conversion some forty years ago, we were attempting to go the barn route for a home… Larry

  19. It does look like a beautiful old barn from the outside!

    They really do need to host an Open House with coffee and donuts on the weekend! 😉

  20. It is so interesting you would be posting this particular barn. This weekend we were driving around the county and somewhere I was one just like this where the owners had made the top into a loft Before I could grab the camera we were way past it, and now I do not remember where it was….dang it. I have actually been in one old barn which was converted into a home and it was to die for it was so beautiful…..cost lots and lots of moolah. This one is dream with its triangular windows at the top. Wouldn’t you love to get to take a walk through….genie

  21. […] is the other side of the barn conversion I showed last week, which you can see here. It sits on a sideroad between the extremely small villages of Jarratt and Creighton about 12 miles […]

  22. Can you please tell me if you have barn pictures in Oro. We are doing a project of taking pictures of barns in Oro Township and would appreciate getting any pictures that anyone has. As you know every year we lose barns and I feel it is important to have these pictures for the future generations to enjoy.


    Dorothy Moore 705 326-7957

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