Speed River

By: Lesley

Dec 04 2011

Category: bridges, Cambridge


Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A view of Guelph St and the bridge over the Speed River in Hespeler. The large building that once housed, at various times over its 160+ year history, a grist mill, distillery, and factory is currently in the works to become trendy lofts. I’m sorry I was too late to see what was in those flower boxes on the railing.

Participating in Sunday Bridges.

14 comments on “Speed River”

  1. Glad it isn’t getting torn down!

  2. This might be an ideal location to have a loft. It is sad that so many of the busy manufacturing mills and such are all gone from this area.

  3. Nice repurposing of the old building. «Louis» appreciates this contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  4. I bet whatever was in the boxes was nice! I’d rather see these buildings become lofts than be torn down altogether. Too much history to go to waste!

  5. Good to see the recyling continue and its history enriched yet again.

  6. I those those orange things were some sort of sacks airing on the bridge. In Asia, people hang their laundry even at public places. Then I read your commentary. May be they were planning to put in new plants.

  7. I like when old buildings are converted to something cool, like lofts. I don’t like big signs. And I agree, the bridge would be nicely dressed with bright flowers in those boxes.

  8. I have added this place to my bucket list of places to visit.

  9. Very nice composition!
    Love when old buildings are kept and used for different purposes!

    Happy Sunday****

  10. I believe this is the most flat, or should I saw most level with the street, bridge that I’ve ever seen. Cool. And thanks for including the nearby buildings in your great photo.

  11. […] Geese frolic in the Speed River with the old factory that is being turned into the Riverbank Lofts in Hespeler. A view from a littler further along the river can be seen here […]

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