Bathurst St Bridge

By: Lesley

Nov 27 2011

Category: bridges, Toronto


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Although this bridge is structurally sound, it is badly in need of some maintenance. Built in 1903, it is one of three remaining steel bridges left in Toronto. It carries four lanes of traffic over the railway tracks south of Front Street. It was recently renamed the Sir Isaac Brock Bridge nearly 200 hundred years after his death during the war of 1812 when he helped save Upper Canada (Ontario) from the Americans.

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11 comments on “Bathurst St Bridge”

  1. hee hee… Now someone needs to save the Americans from the Americans!

    Great post, Leslie! «Louis» appreciates your contribution to Sunday Bridges!

  2. Good Sir Isaac — I am glad you are you because of him! (And as long as the bridge is structually sound all is well.)

  3. It does look sturdy to me ^_^ But I think bridges do need tlc from time to time especially this one when it’s been 200 yrs since it was built. Gonna take care of them ^_^

    Sunday Bridges

  4. Look at all of the angles, triangles, and lines with this bridge. I love it. I am definitely a line-lovin’ person. The rust is nice…I always think it is pretty in its on aging way. Hope the city soon gives it a good paint job so it can remain in good condition for years to come. genie

  5. Hi Lesly, from the thumbprint, your bridge and Kim’s look alike.

  6. Good to see. There’s a few bridges like this in Sydney.

  7. Seriously? It was renamed? I bet it will still always be called the Bathurst St Bridge.

  8. Nice bridge from the era of the mecanoo bridges. Trouble is it has so much area to clean and paint. But still nice to see.

  9. Very nice bridge, and I like the photo:)

  10. Looks like a mighty sturdy bridge to me! I like how you caught the bicyclist in your shot!

  11. Wow! very cool shot 🙂

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