library #8

By: Lesley

Nov 26 2011

Category: Cambridge


Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The new (2007) Hespeler Library was built by constructing a glass cube around the original Carnegie building (1923). Reflected in this glass can be seen the Old Town and Fire Hall. It was originally used as a town hall when Hespeler was still an autonomous village before being converted into the still functioning fire hall.

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9 comments on “library #8”

  1. A fabulous shot and a great reflection! Bravo!

  2. This is impressive. Looks like a building is put inside another building. ^_^

    The Lily

  3. A great capture Lesley!

  4. Cool – it’s hard to tell which building is which! Carnegie was a tremendous man for giving all that money to build libraries. Great shot.

  5. This is a beautiful reflection photo!

  6. Such an interesting reflection. I always like photos where the old is reflected in the new.

  7. Choc du moderne et du traditionnel en une seule prise !

  8. Hi there – that’s a really good picture! I have a bit of a fondness for this style of picture – seeing things in other buildings.



  9. […] different view of this library can be found here. This is where the original front door was located before the glass wall was erected to enlarge the […]

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