By: Lesley

Nov 24 2011

Category: Grimsby


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The (unheated) passenger waiting area and shed of the Grimsby Via Rail station which also serves the joint Via-Amtrak (Maple Leaf) train that runs from Toronto to New York City. This building was built after a fire destroyed the old station in 1994. Grimsby is roughly the halfway point between Toronto and Niagara Falls (and the US border).

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16 comments on “Via”

  1. What a strange looking building!!

  2. i’d take the amtrak from nyc to toronto if i can 😉

  3. Are these places ever heated? I guess you just have to be happy you can get out of the wind and rain, and eventually the snow too. Nice capture!

  4. I love that house, beautiful architecture.

  5. May be unheated but I’d be happy to wait for a train there — one of our bucket list is to take a train across Canada. So many places …… (and here we are at the end of the world instead ;>)

  6. I have been reminsicing with my old friends I made when i was in canada in 1978. We made a trip to Niagara falls from toronto to NY. The photo wasn’t very good, but we have great memories.

  7. I dream of seeing the world via train! I can imagine the many different train stations in all forms and shapes that I’ll have to be in waiting for the train 🙂

  8. Colorful building! I like the wildflowers planted out front!

  9. Good shot of an interesting logo sign!

  10. A most unusual roof design behind the sign! It almost seems to highlight and frame it!

  11. Somebody must have designed this little waiting room or whatever. Very strange roof there is some hidden meaning in there. Thanks for showing

  12. What an odd little building!

  13. As others have noted, it is indeed a strange looking building. Nonetheless, a good choice for Signs, Signs.

  14. What aunique building. To go by train is wonderful. To find interesting houses like this is one good thing.

  15. […] It has been dull and dreary out this past week, so I am digging in to the archives for some summer shots. This is in Grimsby, where this nice pickup truck happened to get in the way of my shot of the utilitarian looking QEW bridge. A view from the other direction can be seen here. […]

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