swing bridge

By: Lesley

Nov 20 2011

Category: Gananoque


Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The swing bridge on Water Street in Gananoque, built in 1894, still works by hand crank. Behind the bridge can be seen some of the bed and breakfast establishments on Stone Street. Another view of this bridge was posted here.

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14 comments on “swing bridge”

  1. I really like these kinds of bridges. Old-fashioned = cool in this case!

  2. The old fashioned bridge they are pretty unique. ^_^

    Sunday Bridges

  3. Great bridge shot! The color tone gives the feel of an old postcard, nice!

  4. What a wonderful capture in sepia. It is so vintage looking and so appealing to me. The area is precious with the little bridge there in the middle. Can’t believe it was built so long ago. It is one sturdy little bridge. genie

  5. Old swing bridges are fascinating to watch in operation! Like an odd kind of loch!

  6. I love this photo and this bridge!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  7. Wow! Over 100 years old. Bridges in Montreal that are much younger than this one are falling apart.

  8. I bet this one is busy in the summer!

  9. Cool shot, Lesley.

  10. Hand crank? Seriously? Holy cow! I hope the “cranker” eats their Wheaties in the morning!

  11. That’s an interesting swing bridge.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  12. wow, i love the vintage feel here…and really? by hand crank…wow!

  13. Still cranks by hand? That is just amazing….and I love the scene as a whole.

  14. WOW! Hand-cranked?! How many hands?

    «Louis» works all weekend, so it is difficult for him to visit those who have contributed to Sunday Bridges on Sunday. So here it is mid-week and he’s FINALLY getting around to visiting and thanking all who contributed to the meme.

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