By: Lesley

Nov 19 2011

Category: Ottawa


Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Ottawa Convention Centre in the pouring rain on a Sunday morning. There is another photo of this, on an equally grey day, which you can see here.

Participating in Weekend Reflections and Photo Hunt

10 comments on “rain”

  1. I like this longer view of the OCC, too. The modern architecture is appealing to me. You got double reflections; in the glass and on the wet street.

  2. It reminded me of the Guggenheim Museum! great shot for the theme.


  3. The gray reminds me of winter when we lived in Oregon === good reflections tho!

  4. Great shot!
    Thanks for sharing ;o)

    Happy weekend****

  5. Rain is better than snow. On second thought, maybe not. I like how bright and clean a fresh snow makes everything look.

  6. That looks like a fresh and cool time for the OCC to get a wash 🙂

  7. This is one architecturally impressive building. The rain on the street makes for a wonderful contrast between the building with it different little things coming off of it and the water covered asphalt. What a great shot. Npo nice. genie

  8. That’s a beautiful shot and an interesting convention center. I love the way rain washes the world.

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