row houses

By: Lesley

Nov 17 2011

Category: Owen Sound


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

These row houses on Twelfth Street in Owen Sound have been painted a bright red with white accents.The painted squares showing the separation of each house certainly stands out. I am not sure what happened with the end unit. The main floor has had some major (and unsympathetic) changes and the painted bricks are haphazardly done in the wrong shade.

Participating in Thursday Things in a Row.

4 comments on “row houses”

  1. I love the uniformity of the rich red walls with their crisp white accents, with the individuality of the different front doors! The architectural details are wonderful – especially over the doors and windows and along the roof.

    But yeah, what’s up with that oddball on the end? I hate what they’ve done to the windows and doors on the ground floor, and that color – blech! If they didn’t want conforming red, why not a color that would at least compliment the other houses? Bet they’re not the most popular neighbors on that particular block!

  2. Very nice! The end unit appears to have had a large canopy between the first and second floors. Perhaps it was once a store or business???? Interesting how, though at first glance the units all appear the same, they are set apart by doors and such. How nice!

  3. That is a striking building. I, too, like the different front doors….especially the yellow one! C’mon end unit, get with the crowd!

  4. yeah, check that out. the last one on the right has the front door in the center with large windows on either side. I like the black door the best. and this is perfect for things in a row. I love repeating patterns, this is a great shot. happy day to you Lesley.

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