By: Lesley

Nov 16 2011

Category: Orangeville


Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Participating in Wordless Wednesday

and signs, signs


21 comments on “equestrian”

  1. What a decoration, very nice.

  2. The blue trim on the building is most attractive adding a strong contrast with the green sign!

  3. What a beautiful little shop! I love the murals painted on the front.

  4. Nifty little shop.

  5. Very good! I like it when shops take a bit of trouble with their signage and branding!

  6. lovely establishment and sign!

  7. an inviting facade.

  8. This attractive storefront makes me want to walk in and sign up for horseback riding lessons:) I tried last week to participate in Signs, Signs but totally messed up and published a totally unrelated post. Sorry about that. Will try again later.

  9. Love the horses in the window!

  10. Great shot! And wonderful storefront!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a happy week****

  11. hat an attractive building

  12. That is a neat way to decorate the windows!

  13. I love the storefront’s design/decor! The owners have taken great effort in decorating a unique store that catches one’s attention.

  14. Everything – proportion, colour, shape etc – about this building and sign looks so ‘right’!! And that’s a rare thing …

  15. That’s clever. Places like this show that the owners really take an interest in their business.

  16. Beautiful and neat shop. Even a person who don’t know about horse or there accessories will try to come this place just being curious what is inside since the outside is awesome!


  17. That’s a beautiful 3D mural!

  18. Love the color and the amazing trompe l’oeil murals!

  19. This storefront is so attractive. I live surrounded by horse people, and I have never ridden in my life. I bet everything in there is expensive. genie

  20. This is sure different! I like it.

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