lift bridge

By: Lesley

Nov 13 2011

Category: bridges, Hamilton


Focal Length:19.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Burlington Canal Lift Bridge is up. To the left you can see the original lighthouse built in 1858. There have been several movable bridges at this canal since 1830 and this one was built in 1962 and it allows freighters to reach the Port of Hamilton from Lake Ontario and to return, eventually, to the Atlantic Ocean.

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12 comments on “lift bridge”

  1. Wow – that lighthouse is dwarfed by the size of that lift bridge! Nice angle for this shot!

  2. wow, this is awesome…great photo!

  3. I recently found on Facebook 2 of my flatmates when I was in Windsor. we had a great time remembering those times.

  4. Excellent contribution – and you were first up for this week’s Sunday Bridges.

  5. This is impressive…I have seen them swing out to the sides and the middle panels each go up into the air, but I have never seen one site like this. Ie is amazing. Would like to be there to see it in action. I am really fascinated by bridges that move in one way or another to let the boats through. genie

  6. It must be a very impressive bridge if you are near it! It’s massive! Great photo. Leslie.

  7. Sorry I see that I spelled your name not correctly, Lesley!

  8. That lighthouse sure is dwarfed next to the draw bridge. Cool shot, Lesley.

  9. Wow these is very interesting!


  10. I can remember as a kid, before the Queen E was there, having to wait forever for the bridge to close again so we could continue onto St Catherines. Nice catch Lesley!

  11. I’d love to someday be able to see something like this…it is very interesting.

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