By: Lesley

Nov 10 2011

Category: Kincardine


Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This mural sits on a small retail plaza at the corner of Queen Street and Durham Market Street. The three stores are one that deals with promotional products (mostly clothing, by the looks of it) bookended by a flooring shop and one for window treatments. The mural includes a clothes line, horse and rooster plus one woman reading with a pile of books down in the corner. It seems to have little to do with the businesses and more to do with a dreamy, sunny afternoon in a small rural town. (that’s my take on it anyway)

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15 comments on “mural”

  1. That is a really neat mural! I love the clothes blowing on the line and the woman reading the books!

  2. This certainly looks lively!

  3. Amazing mural. So beautiful.

  4. Murals are always fun to spot. I like this one. I like the lady lying over the window. 🙂
    Beautiful sign find!

  5. Nice one! I like the windows with curtains blowing in the wind and the clothes on the line.

  6. love the color scheme and attractive edifice.

  7. I’m on the hunt for murals. I am trying to post one on my blog every Monday.

  8. That’s so beautiful, and it looks so real! Great find!

  9. It’s pleasant to look at and very creative!

  10. An impressive piece of public art! A beautiful addition to the streetscape!

  11. This is a lovely one. The artist did a fine job. It adds much to the area. genie

  12. Looks as if the building would have been resoundingly dull without the mural. A work of art.

  13. I like the general looks of this shot…and I always love murals.

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