By: Lesley

Nov 03 2011

Category: Kitchener


Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

On Hwy 8, the Embassy Motel has an excellent location, near the major highway 401 and directly across from the movie theatres, if you find yourselves staying here and needing some entertainment. I found only one review for this motel and it was not exactly raving. The Brits traveling through also didn’t have much to like about the other towns they traveled through, so I wouldn’t take their review to heart. This is a big, bold, beautiful sign, though.

Participating in signs signs


18 comments on “Embassy”

  1. The sign looks fairly new but I like the retro look of it!

  2. I like this sign! Very colorful.

  3. Hmmm, reading reviews can be risky as you never know where the reviewer is coming from. Having said that,, it is nice to know what others think. 🙂

    • Especially when there is only one. And they managed to misspell several towns plus weren’t sure of the name of the river. This in a travel blog.
      Definitely not to be trusted.
      Oh, and they didn’t like that it felt like a throwback to the 60s – aren’t all motels somewhat of a throwback to that era?

  4. If it was a throwback to the 60s it would be a drive-in-theatre across the road;-) The sign does have brilliant colours to it.

  5. An incredibly bold sign! The blue item looks like a surfboard on end!

  6. What a fabulous, bright, bold sign!

  7. I see a star sign, and three of them. The huge signs are very eye catching.

  8. the sign is pretty inviting though.

  9. reminds me of old Las Vegas as seen in the movies
    fantastic shot

  10. That’s a sign that would attract even my attention!

  11. Love it! I think I like most retro things!

  12. The sign is wonderful! And you’re right about it being big and bold. It would definitely catch my attention.

  13. No matter what the accommodations might be, the sign is superb. It is so colorful….vibrant and eye-catching. It really dos have the great retro look to it. genie

  14. Looks like a sign that would be found on Route 66 in the States. I like it!

  15. It would almost be worth staying there just for the sign.

  16. it is indeed huge and looks like the building is huge too. ^_^


  17. Regardless of its age, the sign has a very early ’60s look to it!

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