a place with room for thought

By: Lesley

Oct 23 2011

Category: bridges, Oakville


Focal Length:62mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Gairloch Gardens was originally a farm on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oakville. A small portion of the land was sold off and the new owner landscaped it into a beautiful garden and built this house. It was eventually bequeathed to the town with the wish that the house and land (on the east side of this bridge) become an art gallery and the rest of the land into a public park.

Participating in Sunday Bridges


13 comments on “a place with room for thought”

  1. Love the bridge. An art gallery, gardens, and a park –how nice of someone to leave it for all to enjoy. Have a lovely week. Mickie 🙂

  2. Such a delightful scene. Lovely that it’s open to the public.

  3. Wow really beautiful. Almost looks like a Pointilist painting

  4. You mean I can’t buy this place…? 🙂 Lovely…

  5. I like this photo. And wonder what it might look like photographed in early morning or late afternoon sun in B&W.

  6. What a fantastic gift that was! I’d love to see it. Your photograph looks like a painting. I love it.

  7. A place i have been to a few times – you have captured its beauty!

  8. He can make it to a wedding location.

  9. Absolutely lovely. «Louis» thanks you for this fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.
    The home in the background reminds «Louis» of the lodge at the proving grounds of the Packard Motor Car Company.

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