another barn

By: Lesley

Oct 04 2011

Category: barns, Halton


Focal Length:45.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I don’t know anything about this barn on Hwy 25, but I found the strange shape around the door rather interesting.

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14 comments on “another barn”

  1. Looks like this barn is sadly rotting away. It’s good your lens captured it before it’s gone.

  2. poor little neglected barn…looks so lonely

  3. A well-patched barn, or at least many-patched barn. Sweet shot.

  4. Nice shot of a very weathered old barn.

  5. someone lived there once?? it is in desperate need of some love!! it is beautiful though, in all it’s unkeptness!!

  6. I find it fascinating how they plant crops around the old buildings, this is a beauty!

  7. The barn & the shape is beautiful, but that door is a bit strange… wonder why they built it that way

    Thanks for joining

  8. It does leave one to imagine the need for the strange shape. Great shot.

  9. It looks like it has seen better days! Poor old barn….

  10. Nice Lesley. I wonder what it is about old barns that attracts so? There’s a neat old barn that I pass when out riding my bike that’s in a delightful state of disrepair — and it’s a working farm no less! I’d love to see your barn in early morning or evening light in B&W.

  11. Oh my my this barn really need a lot of TLC. Thanks for the visit Lesley I do appreciate.

  12. Good shot! Its loneliness is well portrayed 🙂

  13. Sad. 😦 Wonderful shot. Glad it’s been caught on camera for preservation in some way.


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