By: Lesley

Sep 23 2011

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Continuing with the week of Ontario Place, this summer was your last opportunity to see it before it is torn down and undergoes a complete overhaul. The Cinesphere, now an IMAX 3D theatre, is still a gem and everyone hopes that it will be incorporated into the new design. Another view of the cinesphere was posted here.

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10 comments on “Cinesphere”

  1. Love that big ball of cloud!

  2. Never heard about Ontario Place until this week but now I’m quite worried about it! I can’t believe they’d tear this amazing structure down. It looks like the perfect place to watch an I-MAX movie — kind of like being in a whole new different world from the moment you see the sphere. (Oh and nice sky too!_)

    • It might not be torn down, we haven’t seen the new plans yet. But after years of not visiting, I can see how tired the whole site has become.

  3. Oh, I hope they don’t tear it down. The cinesphere is a landmark! I like that big puffy cloud, looks like it might have brought a storm along with it.

  4. Oh, I hope it isn’t torn down either! What a remarkable building! Hopefully, it will be updated to as interesting a new building as this one is! And what incredible skies! I love that huge ball of a cloud! Happy SWF, Lesley! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Very nice composition and details in your photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Interesting and lovely architecture.:)

  7. Now I know what is inside of this huge golf ball ^_^

    Peach Sky

  8. I didn’t realize Ontario Place was getting razed… Your good photos will keep it for posterity.

    [I also didn’t realize “Louis” was ending the bridge meme… that’s too bad; I really liked it. Hope someone else can take up the hosting… unfortunately I travel too much.]

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