room & meal

By: Lesley

Sep 15 2011

Category: Hamilton


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This revealed painted sign shot could also be another brick study. Seen on a vacant lot side of what was presumably a hotel years gone, but is now an upscale restaurant in north end Hamilton.

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15 comments on “room & meal”

  1. Cracked paint, another style of street art!

  2. Wow! A long forgot hotel room with a meal. That’s neat.

  3. Great textures, nicely captured.

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  4. I love these old signs. I saw one a while back the said “bathroom on each floor”. How times have changed.

  5. Pretty cool, great find.

  6. Love this sign, Lesley! It’s a reminder of times past.

  7. I love this! A whole story and lots of history behind those faded words and peeling walls.

  8. Clearly that bricked sign was intended to challenge the ravages of time! Beautiful!

  9. I love the texture and the rustic colors. Great find!

  10. I like the texture. ^_^


  11. Love this sign. Wonder what the rest of it looks like?

  12. WOW!!!The textures in this shot are awesome. Love it…a bit of the past still shining through. genie

  13. I love seeing old brick walls such as this. Great find!

  14. That is really cool looking. I wonder what the name is on the top part of the sign.

  15. Cool image… textures and tones and typography… but now an upscale restaurant?

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