white elephant

By: Lesley

Aug 11 2011

Category: Hamilton


Focal Length:32.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The White Elephant on James Street North in Hamilton“believes in sustainability and promoting good design. We enjoy giving our found treasures a second life, and also enjoy providing our city with handcrafted wares.” [website] I like how they designed their logo to match the old glazed tiles on the front of the building.

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15 comments on “white elephant”

  1. That’s a lovely elephant!

  2. Clever sign to advertise white elephants. :))

  3. what a happy looking elephant! I must check this place out.

  4. that’s a really nice sign.

  5. What a clever, cute sign. Great advertising…There is something about this one that is especially appealing. Like it lots. Genie

  6. The sign alone would make me want to got there — and then the mission of the shop is wonderful — I’d definitely be a patron.

  7. its a lovely logo—i can imagine exotic treasures in this shop.

  8. That is an attractive and well matched logo. Great find.

  9. The logo cleverly matched the tiles in the background! The blue-white combo plus the cute elephant “cut-out” is very easy and appealing to the eyes.

  10. I like how you designed your shot to match your entire blog! LOL! Seriously, I agree, this is good design… neither too serious, nor too cutesy, and you framed your shot perfectly.

  11. I really do like the design ^_^ Thanks for the visit!

  12. thanks for visiting my blog! loving your images here of places in southern ontario (the land i call home as well!) the elephant is fantastic!

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