rooftop view

By: Lesley

Aug 09 2011

Category: Halton


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This photo was taken a year ago last April somewhere along Sixth Line. I am sure it is still standing, but it may be roofless by now.

Participating in Barn Charm

11 comments on “rooftop view”

  1. Wow! Yet that small window looks intact! Looks like the end of it is largely open too. Hope it survives–it’s got lots of good character still. :>)

  2. Glad you captured it – it may not stand for too long!

  3. It doesn’t look like it would take much of a wind for that roof to be gone. It looks like there’s a pile of hay in the corner where there still is a roof though.

  4. I don’t doubt about it, this is easy to be blown away but high wind. Too bad nobody is taking care of this one. ^_^

    Barn Charm

  5. it looks like it still provides some shelter for a horse or two…pretty old thing!

  6. This barn is on its last legs, that’s for sure!

  7. Yeah, it’s probably still standing, esp w/ that foundation, but you may be right, it just might be roofless, now! =0

    Great find & thank you for joining in at Barn Charm =)

  8. Oh, this poor barn…hope you get to take another picture of it soon…before it is completely gone. This is a wonderful picture.

  9. It sure has alot of character! I don’t think it will stand for long…but is has fresh shavings and I see hay inside, I guess they are using it until the end.

  10. Not much left of this old barn…

  11. Oh wow. And sad. That must have been a great little barn once. Great photo.


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