10480 Islington

By: Lesley

Jul 28 2011

Category: Kleinburg, SIGNS


Focal Length:5.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

These words to live by can be found at a small strip mall on the main street in Kleinburg.

Participating in signs, signs.


16 comments on “10480 Islington”

  1. Is this warning that if you skateboard, rollerblade or litter that Someone Higher Up may turn on the high voltage?

  2. LOL on EG Wow’s comment.

  3. I’m with EG! I wonder what that statue is doing there?

  4. EG has me scared.

  5. I think EG has posed the question of the day here! and given us a good chuckle too. this is a great notice on your part too!

  6. and here I was only wondering how the hydro people got into their equipment with that statue blocking the door!

  7. I think the statue is a reminder that if you get close and open the door in spite of the warning sign, you will end up becoming a cement statue ^_^ Hehe!


  8. Love the combination of sacred statue and law breaking warnings! Makes for a great dialogue comment! Good one!!

  9. What a funny combination — both warning signs and what looks like the Blessed Mother lthere to make sure everybody obeys them. (Listen to your mother ;>)

  10. Ha, that is GREAT, I love it!

  11. Lesley…bud will be gone 3weeks. I am really nervous because he is hiking remote areas and it has been 10 years since he did the entire Appalachian Trail.I asked if he could quit if it was just too demanding physically and he said ,no.hope he can make the iPhone work so I can post his progress on the blog. I was really impressed with the quality photos we got tonight. Will be posting others this week. I really like your sign and the building this week and you already know how I love your meme. Hugs…genie

  12. Can’t top EG… [grin]… and there is a third sign, empowerment through achievement,,,

  13. Lesley, this is once again, a great photo!! You have an artist’s eye for composition, truly!!

    I always enjoy you visiting with me…thanks for stopping by yesterday.

    My Thursday Post Link: Nor-r-r-r-m!!!

  14. Maybe the sign should say “THOU SHALL NOT SKATEBOARD”?

    What’s up with the statute there?

  15. how odd! glad there’s a saintly statue guarding anyone for being in danger of high voltage. 🙂

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