look up

By: Lesley

Jul 26 2011

Category: barns, Wellington


Focal Length:27.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Another barn, (actually right near the one from last week) with more corn growing. This was taken just outside Elora, Ontario. The treed embankment is interesting.

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10 comments on “look up”

  1. I am meeting so many great photographers through Tricia’s Barn Charm! FUN to see your photo from Ontario…I look forward to viewing more!

  2. I like the composition here. Such a beautiful weathered barn.

  3. Looks like a huge barn…I would love to explore the inside.

  4. Me too…love the composition of this shot! Lovely barn!

  5. it’s a beautiful layout!

  6. Now, that’s one niiice set up they have there up on a hill overlooking their crop, and you’re right, the treed embankment is interesting… but I think the silos beg most of your attention, they’re huge! =)
    It always amazes me how much bigger the barns are up north, but our barns here are so much bigger than ones in, say, Texas. LoL! =)

    Thank you for joining Barn Charm

  7. I like this barn and barnyard items including those silos. Fine farm picture for Barn Charm.

  8. you’ve composed this photo nicely – I love the treed embankment too. it almost looks like two barns connected. the white silo on the right looks like a new addition to the operation too. great barn.

  9. Looks like a big operation!

  10. A lovely (obviously) working barn. 🙂


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