in the field

By: Lesley

Jul 19 2011

Category: barns, Wellington


Focal Length:25.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The most rewarding piece of this shot is the corn in the field. The barn and silos are pretty nice, too.

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12 comments on “in the field”

  1. I see the corn is growing in your world , too! I like your barn.

  2. Great old barn! I love the corn too, and how tall you can see it is by the little shed.

  3. I always wonder how they fill up the silo.

  4. This is an all around great shot…love everything in it!

  5. Wonderful old barn! The other buildings and silos add great character also. I love the striped roof on that one silo!
    But the tall corn does steal the show. With so many farmers struggling in parts of the US, it’s nice to see someone is having a good crop!

  6. Wonderful weathered barn…Nice composition here.

  7. True rural beauty at its finest! Love this shot w/ all that corn! =)

    Thank you for joining in & linking up to Barn Charm

  8. Overall a very healthy looking scene – corn and barn!

  9. The barn and silos by themselves would be beautiful, but the gorgeous green corn in the foreground makes for an outstanding photo!

  10. I think it’s cool to see the barn asit looks here in the middle of a cornfield.

  11. […] barn, (actually right near the one from last week)¬†with more corn growing. This was taken two weeks ago. The treed embankment is […]

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