By: Lesley

Jul 14 2011

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Coxwell station is one of the 31 subway stations on the Bloor-Danforth line of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) which opened in 1966. In total there are 69 stations and all but one have connecting bus or streetcars routes. Here we can see the distinctive red and white colours and official TTC font above the doorway. The TTC logo sign also appears on all bus and streetcar stops for quick identification. This bus #22 is heading south towards the lake and the beach!

Participating in signs, signs and Thursday Challenge for the theme of ‘vehicles’


12 comments on “ttc”

  1. A clean lined station! Great to have convenient and reliable transport connections!

  2. I cannot imagine having the luxury of a bus system. We are so far out in the country we have to drive multiple miles to get anywhere. I am sure with the price of gas continuing to rise more and more folk will be using the transit system. Genie

  3. Oh, I know this station well (though my bus was the #70). I was at Pape Stn yesterday and saw that it is undergoing major upgrades and renovations as is Broadview.

  4. There is that TTC 60s look about those stations isn’t there?

  5. Lesley…Thanks for fixing the boo-boo. I just adore this little meme. I feel like all the participants are family. I love that it has remained small so I can always touch bases with all of the participants. Plus, it is such fun to see all of the cool signs and commentaries. You are so sweet to this for all of us to enjoy week after week. Genie

  6. I like that the bus matches the building. I’m fussy like that!

  7. If only mass transportation is accessible, I wouldn’t be driving to work at all.

  8. i’d love to be in bus #22!
    mass transportation here is cheap compared to other Asian countries but it’s just so darn crowded.

  9. I wore the TTC logo for 32 years and 2 weeks until I retired the first time. I drove all the bus routes from Coxwell Station plus the subway underneath. Before the subway opened I drove streetcars down Coxwell to Queen Street.

  10. And in all the years Andy drove the bus routes and in all the years since he retired from the TTC, the logo never changed, did it…? This photo could just as well have been taken in 1974-5 when I lived in Toronto and took the TTC from downtown to Glendon College every day.

  11. You post so many wonderful and artistic photos, I must ask: Are you a professional photographer? If not, you should be!!!

    My Thursday Themesong Post: Mem’ries Hope you’re having a glorious day.

    • Thanks, Anni!! but, no, I am not a professional. I have taken courses in photography and dreamed of being a National Geographic photog when I was young… but soon realized I had not enough patience. Which is why I photograph buildings that don’t move.

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