By: Lesley

Jul 12 2011

Category: barns, Halton


Focal Length:16.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

On Tremaine Rd in the still very rural part of Milton, this barn seems to be left to the elements with bales of hay in the loft.

Participating in Barn Charm

8 comments on “Tremaine”

  1. I can see a few bits of red paint on the top. It looks like it’s still in good shape though!

  2. I love the weathered look of the wood and foundation. That foundation will be there for quite awhile yet.:)

  3. It is odd, but I have seen old bales of hay left in barns that are about to fall to the ground. Sometimes I wonder if the owner passed away, and the children have done nothing with the property. The foundation looks OK…hope it will start being used again before it really does fall into disrepair. Genie

  4. Makes you wonder if this barn is still being used! Great shot…love the weathered look!

  5. That’s a great shot of an old but cared for barn… they only built the high foundations like that on Northern barns cuz of the ‘feet’ of snow ya’ll get up there. You won’t see them built like that waaay down here! LoL!

    thanks so much for submitting it for Barn Charm =)

  6. Beautifully weathered 🙂

  7. I love the weathering on both the stone and the wood. The two make for a nice contrast.

  8. I wish I could step through that door to see the inside!

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