too great an importance

By: Lesley

Jun 30 2011

Category: Owen Sound, SIGNS


Focal Length:12.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Tom Thomson, a painter associated with Canada’s Group of Seven, was born in Owen Sound where an art gallery bearing his name is located with the city’s library. A great combo that, library and art gallery, filling the visual and literal needs of our eyes and minds.

Participating in signs, signs

11 comments on “too great an importance”

  1. My kind of place! We are just off our summer roadtrip and I look forward to coming back to catch up on posts I’ve missed while traveling.

    Thanks again for ‘signs’

  2. There are so many wonderful things of importance one ought not miss. This is certainly one of them if I were to visit the area. I love the work of this artist and think it’s a great way to introduce readers to different genres.

  3. Oh GREAT! I must check out that library next time I’m in Owen Sound. 🙂

  4. Love it! I didn’t know the gallery was in the library – that’s a good idea.

  5. The library is one of my favorite places, and here is another reason why. I just love the letters going across the top of the building!

  6. Too bad I live so far away. I love galleries and libraries. I always try to visit them whenever I am in a new city. Genie

  7. A truly wonderful idea combining library and art gallery. And I love Tom Thompson’s work!
    Thanks, Leslie!

  8. great find. i also like the writing on top of the structure.

  9. The letters on top really catches the eye! Great shot.

  10. I really like looking and thinking what the artist wants his arts to convey to the viewer. This is my place to hang out. Sad to say to coffee inside right? ^_^ Happy Thursday!


  11. i love the idea of putting the slogan in cutout…it’s quite creative and eye-catching.

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