as close as you can get

By: Lesley

Jun 07 2011

Category: Kingston


Focal Length:14.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

There was no traffic behind me, so I slowed down on the off ramp into Kingston to get a shot of this barn that abuts the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway, or Highway 401 as it more commonly known. The van in the far right is heading onto the eastbound lanes of the 401, which is the main east-west highway in southern Ontario. (similar to an interstate in the US)

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14 comments on “as close as you can get”

  1. Very unique looking. I don’t believe I’ve seen a gray barn before. But I can certainly relate to you slowing down to grab “the shot”.

  2. It’s a handsome old barn, Lesley. I’m glad you were being careful on the 401!

    • this was one of those roll down the window, stick the camera over your shoulder and press. I was surprised it actually turned out this well. having to slow down for the sharp curve in the road heading across the 401 helped!

  3. That is a neat old barn(s). It looks huge to me.

  4. That’s a big old barn! You got a good shot of it from the road. I have a few around here that I’ve been trying to get a good shot of, but they are in the same type of location. I’ll have to keep trying!

  5. You got a great shot…shame its so close to such a busy highway!

  6. Definitely a beauty… I can see why you wanted to stop, but beeee careful out there… drive safe!

    Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm!!! =)

  7. We have barns on farms like this one right off of interstate in Cincinnati. There are still farms smack dab in the middle of subdivisions–family won’t sell (and I say, “Good for them!”).
    This is wonderful.

  8. That’s a super old barn – very brave for stopping to catch it!

  9. Thanks for stopping by to my blog 🙂 LG Tina

  10. Love the way the silo is playing side and seek peaking out from behind. The way you composed this shot is so fine. So appealing to the eye. I find it interesting that the one roof appears to be in almost pristine condition where the other one need a good paint job. Still it is quite an impressive complex of buildings.

  11. A wonderful barn cluster, and obviously still a working farm. 🙂


  12. I really like this one…I hope you get to participate more in barn charm…Tricia linked one of my posts last week, but I didn’t get around to visit. I normally don’t miss Barn Charm cause I LOVE all the barns I get to see.

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