brick study #2

By: Lesley

Jun 01 2011

Category: Southampton


Participating in Wordless Wednesday and Window Views

10 comments on “brick study #2”

  1. That is really odd! I wonder what they were thinking? Nice capture.

  2. I like it! pattern shots are really cool!

  3. Nice detail and great framing.

  4. I’m longing for a block wall, this one is beautiful.

  5. You just turned something ordinary into something really beautiful. Great job!

    Check out my bonding boys on my WW entry this week!

  6. That is lovely, wonder if the first row was done on purpose or accident though!

  7. I like the way that the pattern stands out and yet on closer inspection, each brick is different from the rest.

  8. Very cool — love the side-by-side examination.

  9. Excellent –

    «Louis» always appreciates textured shots like this – something his normal subject matter rarely affords.

  10. This is a nice geometric picture.

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