Don Valley

By: Lesley

May 29 2011

Category: bridges, Toronto


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The high railway bridge follows a straight line as it crosses the winding bits of Bayview Avenue and The Don River. The tall condo buildings on Broadview Ave can be seen in the distance on the other side of The Don Valley. This is historically the dividing line between east end Toronto and downtown.

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6 comments on “Don Valley”

  1. Interesting how a bridge divides the area. Great photo for sunday bridges!

  2. A familiar bridge, this one, Lesley. I lived in Toronto in 1976, went to Glendon College for my first year of university… In ways it feels like yesterday, but now that I write down the year, I feel like a relic! 😀

  3. Does this train go to Vancouver? I almost took that train.

  4. That’s an impressive kind of bridge. It’s amazing how great the diversity of bridges is. I always like to know how old the bridge is and how long did it take to be finished.

  5. Lesley, Many things have gotten me way behind and at last I have a few hours to spend catching up. I have just browsed all of your recent archives and can’t begin to comment to all the photos that touched me. So I am leaving this one comment to let you know that I find all your shots enjoyable. Some have made me giggle, some send me down memory lane and some just warm my heart, but, all caused some reaction.

    Thank you for all your visits. I do appreciate those that visit even when my schedule barely allows me to schedule my own post and prevents a return visit.

    Your signs are fan-tabulous and I can understand why you started the signs meme. I do enjoy posting to it when I can.

  6. Very familiar bridge. I may even have a similar photo. :))

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