By: Lesley

May 26 2011

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


Focal Length:8.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

St Luke’s Anglican Church has the oldest graveyard in Burlington with many notable history makers buried in its plots. The town of Fergus is about 65 kms north of Burlington and 115 kms northwest of Toronto.

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13 comments on “plot”

  1. There’s a lot of information packed on to that sign.

  2. It’s a real picture – the information is interesting but, in a sense, subsidiary.


  3. A history lesson and a cool old sign!

  4. I wonder why they needed a plaque, when there is a perfectly good headstone marking his burial site?! (well, except to add that little history lesson)

  5. An impressive old sign – especially with that beautiful shield attached!

  6. Information overload! But still an interesting sign. Graveyards are fascinating places to visit.

  7. Wow a city name takes from their family name that is awesome. Thanks for sharing. And about my mug sign, yes Bill S. disagree about it and it made me laugh and laugh. Until now when I remember his comment I just shake my head and smile. Thanks for the visit.

  8. I love it when a burial plot/cemetery/graveyard includes a bit of history. It makes it more interesting!

  9. ah, cemeteries are my favorite places! especially the old ones…i love your sepia treatment, it’s perfect!

  10. That is a very official burial plaque.

  11. A sad place but a very good photo! LG Tina

  12. That’s such a great sign, and beautiful in sepia tone!

  13. An impressive old sign with many information, I like the feeling of the photo.

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