Br 92

By: Lesley

May 19 2011

Category: Gananoque, SIGNS


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The flags are lowered at the Royal Canadian Legion Br 92 in Gananoque, signifying the passing of one of its veterans.

Participating in signs, signs

11 comments on “Br 92”

  1. first time i am hearing about this. thanks for sharing.

  2. The coat of arms (hope that’s the right term for it) is very nice!

  3. Wonderful capture – very touching!

  4. Very somber mood that you caught – what a wonderful tribute.

  5. Yes, a very sad sad sign when the flags are at half mast.

  6. I love it when any country lowers flags in honor of veterans. It is sad, of course, but it warms my heart that the person is being honored in such a special way. This one is very touching.

  7. A very symbolic and somber sign.

  8. A nice tribute but I do wonder about the US flag. I think there may have been a lot of Americans in the Canadian military before we got into WWII so perhaps that is why it is included.

  9. The cloudy sky coupled with the vignette cast a somber mood.

    On a lighter note, the No Parking sign contradicts the ‘parked’ flags.

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