By: Lesley

May 13 2011

Category: sacred, Toronto


Focal Length:11mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The eight storey (86′) minaret of the Madina Mosque stands tall over the Danforth just east of downtown Toronto. The minaret will not be used as a call to prayer, but there is a spiral stairway as access to the top. It is also the first minaret in the city of Toronto.

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16 comments on “minaret”

  1. A beautiful minaret. You can get comments while those of us on blogger are denied.

  2. Nice shot, I like the reflective windows.

  3. I like the reflective glass and the arches. Nice!

  4. Nice composition. I think your image would be even better if you boosted the highlights a bit.

  5. Thanks for the visit Lesley. I don’t know anything about MAC software but your editor probably has a levels command. Try moving the white point (to the left).

  6. Beautiful, Lesley!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Terrific capture, Lesley, as always! Perfect exclamation point for lovely skies! Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Interesting, Lesley. There’s a mosque just north of Toronto in Markham too. In fact, I think there may be two.

  9. Interesting reflection Lesley.

  10. The minaret is such a gorgeous design! Fascinating!

  11. Nice piece of architecture ! Very elegant building, in my taste… The reflection are quite unexpected, too…

  12. This mosque is a lovely blend of traditional and modern.

  13. I rather enjoy that shot, Lesley.

    when i see the top of that mosque I ask myself if the man knows the capacity we have to be nice or bad person.
    congrats and thanks for sharing, lesley.

    have a great weekend,

  14. Nice minaret. I would love to explore climbing up the top, if open to public. I think this would be more difficult than climbing the light house.

  15. Awesome shot….most impressive. I bet you would be able to hear the call to prayer for miles and miles if the bells were to ring.

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