By: Lesley

Apr 27 2011

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


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The Ascot Motel is a throwback to 1950s travel (but with A/C and TV). It is a fgamily run business that has garnered enough positive reviews to be rated #2 of 6 motels in Burlington. Within easy walking distance to downtown shops and restaurants and right on the lake, it is perfectly situated.

Psarticipating in Rednesday and signs, signs

24 comments on “ascot”

  1. This is the type of motel my family always stayed in when we were traveling in the 50’s. They were the big thing then because we did not have to stay in big old hotels. I rally love your sign.

  2. How neat!! I’ve never stayed in a motel like this but it reminds be of something I would see in a movie! I like it!!

  3. Nice shot. There’s more in Scarborough a long Kingston Rd. The federal government uses some of them to house refugees.

  4. Oh there’s a motel like that in many little towns across America – I bet they all wish there were dressed in red.

  5. A step into the past. Like genie, I have memories of them from long ago trips. Sadly, many of these smaller facilities are no longer in business.

  6. It looks like a neat and clean place to stay. One still has to admire the simplicity of driving right up to the motel door and going inside with no long halls, stairs to climb and such. Nice shot.

  7. I so remember little hotels like this not as many around as there once was but these were the type we would stay in on family trips

  8. This does look like a motel from days gone by, but it sounds as if it would be a wonderful place to stay.

  9. I LOVE this shot! When I was younger, I went on many vacations with my parents, and we always stayed at little motels like this, just full of charm. Thanks for bringing back such great memories!
    Happy REDnesday,

  10. I know this place well! And it always has cars parked in front of the rooms.

  11. A business like this who garnered positive review will last. Like the sign too!


  12. location, location, location. i’m sure they are doing something right to be in the business this long and still getting high marks from customers.

  13. Most of the little motels like this that I have seen are real dives – I’m so glad to know that some of them aren’t!

  14. It reminds me of old motel postcards.

  15. It does look a tad old-fashioned. 🙂

  16. That just looks like it would bring back great old memories of my younger days! Very cool that they’ve been able to keep it going and keep it looking like that with the additions as you noted.

    Lesley thanks again for this very fun meme. (I notice that a few people even beat you to linking up — that’s a pretty good “sign”! )

  17. A sign that does look like something from an old film, except that the motel itself looks so freshly painted and looked after, which they never did in the films.

  18. Great looking sign.

  19. Its looks classic and old fashioned 😉


  20. Very nice shot!
    Wouldn’t mind to spend one night in this motel;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  21. Love those old motels – takes me back to our family holidays!

  22. I have faint, happy memories of staying in a place like this in the late 50’s. 🙂

  23. I think I drove by this place the other day. Is it actually still in operation? Very retro!

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