By: Lesley

Apr 17 2011

Category: bridges, Durham


Two views of the bridge on Garafraxa St in Durham, with the Village Inn Restaurant on the left and the Saugeen River flowing underneath.

Participating in Sunday Bridges


9 comments on “winter/summer”

  1. The wide open space is nice – but I love the addition of the flowers on the bridge and the lush greens of the trees. A mural on that restaurant wall would be nice, too!

  2. Interesting contrast – I prefer summer view, well, I prefer summer:)

  3. When I looked at your photo my left side became cold and the right side turned warm;) Thanks for the two seasons view. It made thing interesting.

  4. Having double views is great. Thanks for posting the shot both ways. I think I am still seeing some ice and show on the banks. It is time for all of that stuff to melt.Nice photography.

  5. Terrific contrast post.

  6. Looks cold, I had enough of cold when I was 20 in Canada. Now I don’t like the cold. Our winter is coming too soon.

  7. lovely to see the seasonal contrasts here!

    Thanks for your comment on my bridge, according to the sign next to the bridge it was William Adam who designed and built it, not Robert Adam

    Crafty Green Poet

  8. Soon the flowers will bloom again on that bridge.

  9. I like the flower pots decorating the bridge on the right! Very pretty 🙂

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