By: Lesley

Apr 16 2011

Category: Hamilton


Focal Length:6.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Under the glare of bright sun and harsh light from a little HDR editing, is the Westinghouse Building at Wentworth and Barton Streets in Hamilton. Opened in 1898, this was the first Westinghouse manufacturing operation outside the United States. It was a huge operation and was second only to Stelco for employment at its peak in the mid 1950s. Unfortunately it has been closed since around 1995 and to this day sits abandonned and boarded up.

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6 comments on “Westinghouse”

  1. A fine shot! This is a grand old building, and not diminished by the boarded up windows.

  2. Beautiful shot!

    Have a nice weekend… and welcome to watch my weekend in Black and White!

    Jan Halvard,

  3. Awesome shot, the building is great, love the facade, the shadow lines, and the flag pole (Imagine the person who had to raise the flag every morning)! I wonder if these used to be larger windows in those openings?

  4. Lovely! I know someone who used to work for Westinghouse. Not sure if it was this location exactly. But there were lots of transformer factories over on that side of the lake in the old days… it’s too bad those industries have moved to “lower-cost” sites.

    Still, this is a nice old building. Hope they can use it for something else.

  5. Nice shot of this old Westinghouse building. Too bad no new use has been found for this handsome place. Or is it your photography skills that make it look handsome?

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