By: Lesley

Apr 14 2011

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:27.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This sign stood at Victoria Park and Eglinton Aves in the east end of Toronto for over 40 years and when a development moved onto the empty land, a hue and cry rose up from its legion of fans when it was taken down. The sign now stands on the car dealership lot on Eglinton at Bermondsey Rd. The ‘girl on a swing’ does indeed swing, slowly back and forth, always with a smile. She also graces the exit signs as seen in the signs, signs post.

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18 comments on “swing”

  1. now that is advertisement 🙂

  2. Wow, that has a real swing to it! Nice 🙂

  3. Oh shoot… now I wish I’d written, “swinging over to your other post…” on the main Sign, Sign page… 😀

  4. I’m familiar with that sign. :))

  5. I remember signs like this in the Fifties and Sixties…can quite clearly imagine the girl swinging back and forth! Glad to hear they found a new spot to post the sign…:)

  6. Love the idea that this sign swings! It brings it alive!

  7. This is one great and colorful sign. The swinging girl is just too clever. Thanks goodness this sign did not bite the dust. It is so unique. Nice photo.

  8. What a cutie she is! And definitely a sign worth saving. I like the “exit view” on the linky page too! Thanks again for this meme.

  9. Lesley…Only my silly husband would post at a Port-A-Potty! We were on the way to Richmond for him to run in a 10K 2 weeks ago. I just could’t resist the shot! He was a good sport!

  10. this brings back fond memories!

  11. I like it! I’m glad the swing has been memorialized so nicely!

  12. I lived and worked in the area of the sign. If memory serves me right it was Bob Bannerman Rambler that first erected the sign. Rambler was made by American Motors. I bought my first new car from them. It was a Javlin. A sporty looking car with 8 cylinders. My wife loved it. Getting back to sign. When it was first put up the lady on swing was in a bikini. She wore the bikini all winter. People complained to Banner Motors that she should be dressed with warmer cloths for the winter months. As result of that they decide to change her clothing according to the season. Her clothing was changed 4 times a year.

  13. Andy, I remember that – well the changing clothes. I grew up in that neighbourhood, maybe our paths crossed?!

  14. That really is a very pretty billboard. I’m glad they saved it.

  15. Cars for swingers?

  16. whoa, that really should be saved! a veritable landmark 😉

  17. I’ve got some good signs from around town. Will have to remember the meme for next week.

    I can understand why people wouldn’t want to lose this sign. Quite unique!

  18. That sign was a fixture in my childhood! Thanks for the memory and glad to hear she’s still swinging.

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