By: Lesley

Apr 09 2011

Category: Brantford


Focal Length:4.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A permanent impression of the vines that once covered this brick house in Brantford can still be seen.

Participating in Weekend in Black and White


8 comments on “impression”

  1. I really like the textures of the bricks, but particularly the lasting impression. You’ve caught the ghost of the vine so well.

  2. interesting! I have never seen something like this. It is obvious that vines are strong.

  3. The vines have left quite a dramatic engraving on the brickwork! Stunning photo!

  4. love the simplicity of the subject matter, just a building, yet it is so complex with texture!

  5. Grooves left in the wall like memories. Thanks for visiting.

    Yes the war party is permanent subject to time and rust. As long as they get a fresh coat of paint every year or so they should last a long time.

  6. Interesting and great shot!

  7. This is incredible, it seems working in Photoshop.

  8. that’s amazing, demonstrates the power of plants!

    Crafty Green Poet

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