moving fog

By: Lesley

Apr 08 2011

Category: Burlington


Focal Length:18.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The thick fog was moving quickly off Lake Ontario today, determined to obscure, but failing at times.

Participating in SkyWatch Friday

6 comments on “moving fog”

  1. Great shot, Lesley! And it does look as though the fog was putting some serious effort into obscuring the view!! Terrific! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. The same great weather also appeared in Pickering.

  3. it’s a very foggy day! funny, i chose fog for my skywatch too!!

  4. That was foggy! And gray! But very beautiful, thanks for sharing and thanks for your visit!

  5. It is foggy there. It got foggier here and then burned off and it was a nice sunny day. Oh we also had a bit of the white stuff too. Rather an odd day that became nice. MB

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