By: Lesley

Apr 07 2011

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The home of Alexander Graham Bell is in Brantford, Ontario just outside the city by the banks of the Grand River on 13 acres of land. It is now a National Historical Site which includes the original building that housed the first telephone office. It was from here that the idea of the telephone was conceived and where the first transmission was made. Here we see a bit of the park in the height of last summer’s greenness. (see also this post for a view of his house)

Participating in signs, signs


10 comments on “Bell”

  1. I would think this is probably a ‘destination’ … especially for students. I like the green color of the sign!

  2. I never knew Mr. Bell was from Canada. It is always nice to get a history lesson NOT while sitting in a classroom and being graded. The park looks lush with it beautiful greens.Even the sign has some green on it.

  3. Never thought of him inventing it in his house, looks a nice place to picnic.

  4. thanks for the information. i never knew those facts.

  5. A sign of history, it makes me pause and think of what was begun with Bell and his invention.

  6. What? Alexander Graham Bell was Canadian? (Just kidding….making fun of a lot of those of us North Americans who live south of your border). We enjoy visiting places like this — it’s such a great and painless way to learn history and I’d love to be there someday..

  7. Oh, dear, I was remembering that whole first call story as happening in New York. So glad you’ve set the record straight.

  8. The phone has come a long way since he invented it. I’m old enough to what a party line is.

  9. Hmmm I thought Graham Bell is american and he invented it here in US. And yes the phone comes a long way….we can do anything with phones and no more party line ^_^


  10. Very nice sign. I remember when we had to apply to have a phone installed in our house, and there could be a waiting list several weeks long. Today I am very grateful for my mobile phone, to me it’s a blessing!

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