blue sky, red roof

By: Lesley

Apr 05 2011

Category: barns, Grey-Bruce


Focal Length:37mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

These wind turbines (see also this post) are scattered for miles and here amongst the farms we can see the immense size of them. The red roofed barn is rather nice looking, too.

Participating in Barn Charm and Ruby Tuesday

21 comments on “blue sky, red roof”

  1. This is a very striking photo! The red roof against the blue sky is awesome!


  2. Nice relaxing scenary! Blue and red made good combination.

  3. Beautiful old barn. Great barn charm post.

  4. The red roof n door really jump out at you. Love those wind turbines!

  5. I like the red roof and doors! It looks great against the blue sky.

  6. I like the barn and the wind turbines…north of us about an hour and fifteen minutes there are lots of them…as far as the eye can see. I have photos of them on my other blog…their size amazes me.

  7. Love this scene…old charm meets modern technology. Love the red and blue, add the White wind turbine and it’s a beautiful American portrait. More power to the wind farms (literally)!!!

  8. Nice, indeed, & that blue sky is an added bonus! Niice find! =)

    Thank you so much for joining in on Barn Charm

  9. So beautiful!

    More Ruby Tuesday, come and see.

  10. Love the colours in this shot!

  11. Blue slies! Imagine that! 🙂

    Thw wind turbines are quite close to the barn, or maybe that is just an illusion.

  12. love the colors!! great photo!!

  13. Wow these wind turbines are huge! And the barn is so pretty looking in this scenery. Great colors!

  14. Beautiful picture — and it reallly does show how ginormous those wind turbines are. We saw some (in pieces) going down the freeway one time — huge trucks each carrying one blade. Great barn too.

  15. PS: I love the pink background. Looks pretty and picture and print are very clear. I really really hate the black backgrounds that are so popular on so many blogs. My aging eyes almost cannot read posts on black and I can’t see comments at all.

    • The main reason I love this theme is the changing of the background colour to complement the photos. It is so much fun to see what comes up with each post.

  16. Love your photo’s…visiting you from Watery Wednesday…

    mine’s here

  17. Lovely. Wonderfully captured.

  18. It is a very nice and well kept little barn and shed. We have lots of wind turbines out this way in Eastern Washington. Kinda cool looking I think. MB

  19. I’m late getting around to comments. Sorry. I love the red roof, which is in stark contrast to the cold snowy weather. Barns fascinate me. As a kid, my brother and I used to play in our old barn, especially during bad weather. I guess that’s where my love began.

  20. This image tells a story or two, well framed!

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