By: Lesley

Mar 30 2011

Category: Port Credit


Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One of the main features along the waterfront of the village of Port Credit is the red and white lighthouse. The original Port Credit lighthouse was in service from 1882 until 1918. Unfortunately, in 1936 the lighthouse was destroyed by fire. This current lighthouse is a replica of the original and was constructed in 1991. It now acts as the symbol of Port Credit and is home to the local BIA and tourism bureau. And the snow is quickly melting.

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14 comments on “lighthouse”

  1. Beautiful lighthouse! I’ve never seen a lighthouse in real life, as far as I can remember, but I would love to some day!
    Happy REDnesday,

  2. I think this is the coolest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. I love the Red accents.

  3. Almost spring 🙂 That’s good news!

  4. Great lighthouse shot.

  5. I really like this red photo–the colors are nicely done!

  6. This is a modern light house. Very dainty and pretty colors.

  7. Oh, I could see me living in that – maybe I’ll make it my summer home!

  8. Gorgeous capture!

    Reflection for watery Wednesday.

  9. I do so love lighthouses…the history. With the advantages of sonar and computers these days, they’re becoming a thing of the past…your photo share is super!

    My Wednesday Link:

    Laguna Madre

  10. this is a handsome lighthouse…the red trim is perfect.

  11. Wow– I’d love to live there!! Wonder if the tourism board would consider relocating!

  12. A very interesting and attractive way to preserve history; great location for the replica. We saw a bunch of lighthouses last summer on our roadtrip and there are quite a few near where we lived in Oregon/ Although seldom used or needed for their original purpose, they remain iconic landmarks and I love seeing them. Glad they didn’t let this one pass from memory after it burned.

  13. Very interesting photo. I have been collecting pictures of lighthouses for years. Finally got to visit one after I met the Old Salt and visited California.

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