wave deck

By: Lesley

Mar 26 2011

Category: bridges, Toronto


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some people here are playing on one of the four wave decks that act as gateways to the Toronto waterfront. The undulating deck is meant to reflect the movement and contours of Lake Ontario. Apparently awards have been won for these things. To each their own. I was also playing a bit with Picnik – not sure how I like this effect any more than the effect of the decks, but both were fun to try.

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23 comments on “wave deck”

  1. Isn’t this just the most fun bridge? Nice shot.

  2. belle photo avec un beau traitement vintage.

    Merci d’avoir participer au challenge “Walk In The Street Photography”

  3. It’s a fun place and a fun photo. You are right. To each their own. Go head, experiment and express yourself. Keep on clicking.

  4. This is real fun, Lesley! I like it. Would make a good shot for Sunday Bridges too.

  5. Well, I guess walking up and down over the “waves” means you get more exercise. :))

  6. Wow, what a fun place for the kids! I wonder if they have to be vigilant against skateboarders???

  7. Now you’ve GOT to post this to Sunday Bridges!
    (Sunday Bridges posts at 001 hrs, central Europe time each Sunday, so around 1400 hrs Saturday in your time zone.)

  8. I bet the kids love this place! And I adore the effect you used in this shot.

  9. What fun (both the deck and Picnik actually). As you probably have surmised, I’m catching up after being out on the water last week — it’s really fun on your blog, because at one fell swoop here, I can get the flavor and delight of lliving where you do, near rural scenes, big city, shoreline….um, hmm….any houses for sale there ;>)

  10. Very interesting design. Makes for a great photo and a nice sightseeing trip. Not sure I would like having to climb those waves though.

  11. Oh this is absolutely fantastic and I love the retro feel of it!

  12. What a lovely bridge!
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  13. How totally cool. It’s fun just to look at!! Great post. Mickie

  14. WOW!!! This is one cool footbridge. I would love to waddle across it. I wonder how your stomach feels as you are crossing it. What a fun bridge for kids and adults alike!

  15. I was studying in Canada, when they showed an earth quake. The bridge was wavy just like your photo.

  16. Amazing!
    Have a nice Sunday

  17. I love the design and it looks like fun, as long as you don’t have a mobility problem…

  18. Really like the playfulness of the bridge design. And the effects that make this shot look like a faded photo from the 70s.

  19. Wow! That’s the most original bridge I’ve ever seen, and not only that but it’s also very beautiful! Great choice!

  20. Sweet toning work.. mode and mood right on!

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