in the rain

By: Lesley

Mar 21 2011

Category: barns, Halton


Focal Length:19.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Found on a very wet Sunday last summer, this barn looks in good shape. I think all the animals on this working farm were inside staying dry.

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9 comments on “in the rain”

  1. I’ve hear of not being smart enough to come in out of the rain. In this instance you were smart enough to stay in the rain and get this great photo.

  2. Beautiful shot and well worth getting a little wet for!

  3. Each time I see a barn like this, I marvel at the size of it! I would love to see inside.

  4. It looks like a huge barn…I love the rock foundation.

  5. This place has that WOW factor!! Great shot!!!

  6. What a beautiful big barn.

  7. BEAUTIFUL! It’s huge & so red! I love love love that rock foundation & the fences! Beautifully captured, too!!! =)

  8. Wow this barn is huge!! Thanks for sharing!
    Barn Charm

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