By: Lesley

Mar 20 2011

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Ontario Place was once a Toronto waterfront jewel. Designed by Ed Ziedler in the 1960’s, it has changed considerably over its 40 years (sadly, not for the better). Last summer it was announced that it will be torn down and started over. A new design has not been approved yet, but the pods, of which this is one, are the best bits that remain from the original design. There are lots of bridges on Ontario Place and here we can see three. The bottom bridge runs along underneath four of the pods and over the water out to the west entrance.

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13 comments on “pods”

  1. Too bad it has to be torn down . I’m sure your blog will last much longer.

    • I haven’t been in years, I must admit, but looking at the map, I see how much of the wonderful green space has been filled in with … stuff. It was never the same after they took down The Forum.

  2. Very interesting bits of history, architectural and other, Lesley. Of course, seeing the evolving of one place is what we miss by our lifestyle — and I love looking at blogs of people who can do that. (I always wish I could live two lives at once ;>))

    Just wanted to say again that I am thrilled that your sign meme continues to grow! . I love it and thank you again for doing it.

  3. this is a very interesting structure…i haven’t seen one like it before. excellent photo.

  4. Oh but why? It is certainly striking architecture.

  5. Very nicely composed photo and a very interesting structure

  6. hee hee…
    Three bridges in one post – that’s a “hat trick”!

  7. You find such unique sights in your part of the world. I think blogging helps us all see with fresh eyes.

  8. It will be interesting to see what the new Ontario Place will look like.

  9. I went to your other blog, but can’t find a place to comment , so here it is. In New Zealand, they call an alcohol shop, the Bottle store.

  10. […] One of the many bridges at Ontario Place, an adventure park on the waterfront in Toronto. ¬†This bridge leads out from the cinesphere and pods to the west entrance. Another view of a different bridge was posted here. […]

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